Terms and Condition

Our company, PT Eduthama Brain Consulting, provides a caring and loving for the world of Education. We are committed to keep and protect every personal information of our users (our prospective students or so-called “Sobat Future”) whenever you access our website (www.eduthama.com), app (Eduthama), features, contents and product of our website and app in which it is collectively called “Platform”. Eduthama is an online platform which we also support for offline course as every student can register and participate by accessing various contents of general course and special course. Our website and application is firmly organized and managed by PT Eduthama Brain Consulting, a company which is lawfully registered in Indonesia. Here we provide practitioners who are expert in their own expertise.

By choosing either offline method (in-site studying) or online method (download and install the app), our prospective students have consented to our terms and conditions contained in our agreement.

Our prospective student will not be allowed to practice offline study and unable to access, buy, or register our learning course and services by any means if they choose to disagree with our agreements which we commence earlier.

Every personal information and usage activity will be recorded in a secured way and securely kept in our platform. Hereby we state: Our prospective students who is under 18 years old and unmarried, parents, or guardians who are accessing, using, and even registering an account of our app or website have given their consent to provide their information thoughtfully and without any force or oppression from any subjects and understandably to the causality of privacy policy as well as agree that we collect, use, and analyze their personal information and there will not be a withdrawal of this agreement.

Private information of users such as username and password is fully personal responsible of the users. We are not and will not be responsible of user’s negligence in using, storing, sending, destroying or spreading personal information in concordance with our privacy policy and Indonesian’s laws.


Our website or app will collect our prospective students when they register or download our app as registering means generally the students give their consent to provide their personal information such as name or nickname, age, email address, location, phone number, password, image, activation code of voucher, and their interest of learning course provided by Eduthama based on education level and what our prospective students’ needs.

We also collect transactional information when you register or purchase from our services, request of our response of quotation, and download or use our website and app.

  • You can participate our learning course and access our features when you have already signed up to our app.
  • When you sign up for offline or online course, you must fulfill with accountable identity.
  • You must include current email address and phone number. You are responsible for keeping your privacy information such as user account and password and create access limitation of your devices especially for users.
  • Eduthama has the rights of reject your application with a clear given reason.
  • You are not allowed to share to others who are responsible of your user account information such as password and username.
  • You are responsible of the usage of your user account and password.
  • If there is a security misuse or violation of your account, you agree to provide this information to us.
  • Eduthama is not responsible of your disadvantage or failure caused by your nonconformity to our terms and conditions.
  • We have the rights of doing account blocking or inactivating based on our policy and provide no reason at all of its blocking, inactivating or even removing.

These are information we collect from users and categorized as “Personal Information”, “Sensitively Personal Information”, and “Associated Information”. Personal Information, Sensitively Personal Information, and Associated Information will be considered as “information” in this policy. We can utilize these types of information to contact you from time to time for providing services, important information, notification, and even marketing promotion.

Eduthama will require your information, when we need, that will personally identify you (Personal Information) or allow us to contact you. We will not differentiate whoever is using your devices while accessing our website or application from your account as we try to provide best services of usage of our website or application in order to gather accurate data from our platform.

We give an offer of choices not to provide your Personal Information, Sensitively Personal Information, and Associated Information that we collect from you. While using our platform, you are able to disagree to our policy of using your Personal Information and Sensitively Personal Information in advance. Withdrawal must use a written document sent to our address that we include in our privacy policy. However, we are fully committed not to allow you further user our platform. We automatically collect information from the results of your activities and visits on our website or app which includes, but is not limited to:

Technical information including IP address used for connecting your computer to internet, your login information, type of your browser, time zone setting, types of browser plug-in, operating system and platform, types of handheld, and how and what you use to access our website or app.


PT Eduthama Brain Consulting assures your personal data and keeps your confidentiality as we store our data securely. We are not going to misuse the given data such as selling, revealing, or even spreading to any third parties outside of management of PT Eduthama Brain Consulting, except:

We give our best consent to our way of keeping your confidential information by giving several types of securities: physical, electronic security and a procedure of information protection which we manage. For example, we limit the access our information only to authorized employees (e.g. developers) who need to operate, improve, and develop our platform. Please note, in spite of high level of security given to our process, there is no system is truly safe for any potential violations of security.

If there is an event of security violation of your personal data in our website or app, we surely are going to inform this occurrence to you by email or any kinds of digital media.


  • Our learning activity consists of offline and online in the shape of questions, learning material, text, information, image, and graphic or others addressed to the purposes of learning of our prospective students to prepare themselves in facing final exam.
  • Eduthama’s learning activities and application content are provided by our experienced experts and it is properly provided without any guarantee whatsoever.
  • Prospectives students or users are fully responsible of taking any kind of personal risk of what may happen in the future.
  • There will be volatility of our services such as technical disturbance, on-timing services, security and even errors and these are based on the data accuracy and reliable.
  • We have the rights of disapprove others from using this services with any reasons.


  • You are able to
  1. You can access learning material via platform by choosing your plan: subscription in a short periodic time.
  2. We will only give you a permission of accessing our learning course from our officials.
  3. We can add, remove, or edit our learning material anytime without notification in advance.


  • You are required to subscribe in order to access learning materials.
  • You can subscribe services based on subscription plans.
  • Prices and subscription plans may change any time and we do not give a warranty of the price if there are decreasing or increasing for prices and marketing promotion.
  • Refund would not be returned if you did a wrong purchase of a subscription plan.


  • Every single content in Eduthama app becomes the copyrights of Eduthama and is purposely part of ownership of PT Eduthama Brain Consulting.
  • The use of contents of the application is subject to and refers to this Terms & Conditions.
  • All assets such as materials, questions, texts, information, images, graphics, or learning courses in offline and online activities accessed from this application or website is solely used for personal, learning, and non-commercial use so that it is an unchangeable subject.
  • By reading all terms and conditions, you agree not to copy, publish, remake, or even share our services in any form by any means.


You have rights to remove your personal data on our application or even withdraw your agreement for every action of collection, usage, and revelation of your personal data by contacting our customer service on contact page. After we receive your notification of agreement withdrawal of those aforementioned, we are going to inform about consequences of future event of your withdrawal so you have time to take into account of your decision.